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Freeland India’s Wildlife Legal Help Centre (WLHC) offers assistance to enforcement officers and public prosecutors investigating or prosecuting wildlife crime cases across India. Wildlife law experts are available to answer question via a toll-free hotline.

  • Wildlife law advice for enforcement officers and public prosecutors dealing with wildlife crime cases
  • Queries can be sent via email or by calling the WLHC’s all-India toll-free number
  • A panel of experts on topics covering wildlife and forests will address queries via the WLHC
  • All queries will be attended to in a timely manner
  • The WLHC may keep records of queries for generating statistical reports and/or maps
  • The WLHC is unable to offer legal advice on personal or service issues.


Toll-free number at these times on all working days: 10.00-17.00
The WLHC is exclusively for assisting enforcement officers and public prosecutors
Details of cases made available to WLHC will not be shared on any public forums without consent


The Wildlife Legal Help Centre is for enforcement officers and public prosecutors mandated to take on wildlife crime.

Details of any crimes reported to us by the general public will be shared with relevant government agencies and may lead to legal action.

Expert lawyers from the WLHC are also available to visit your area to conduct a Legal Troubleshooting Seminar, upon request.


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