Stop Human Trafficking

Freeland combats trafficking in persons by providing expertise to the law and justice sector through a combination of tactical and strategic training packages designed for government agencies.

Freeland coordinates a public-private sector network called “Thai TIP-Net” to reduce human trafficking in Thailand. The network weds civil society and Thai law enforcement in a practical manner on four levels: improving the capacity of Thailand-based civil society groups to identify and process useful tip-offs on human trafficking; facilitating constructive and targeted communication between civil society groups and Thai law enforcement about their tip-off reports; mentoring and supporting Thai law enforcement through a combination of tactical and strategic training packages and; encouragement of sustained Thai government counter-trafficking enforcement through recognition of performance and best efforts at achieving prosecutions and good victim care. Freeland’s training and Thai TIP-NET are further supported by mentoring programs which assist officers to target-harden against human trafficking and where violations do occur, to conduct professional investigations which disrupt and bring to justice criminal networks that exploit vulnerable people in the region. Freeland is a member of the Liberty Alliance, a community of counter-trafficking organizations that have come together to fight modern slavery in Asia.

Latest Counter Human Trafficking Stories


The Face of Human Trafficking

Eleven weeks after the discovery of mass human graves along the Thai-Malaysian border, several factors driving success or failure in the ongoing fight against human slavery in Southeast Asia are becoming clear. The first is ‘face’ – saving it with risk and bravery instead of safety and denial. The second is data – how to convert it into power through proper analysis. And the third is the importance of good hearted, smart investigators from different walks of life – police, journalists, and NGOs – working closely together.


Social Network Slave Syndicate Busted by Thai Authorities

Acting on information and analysis from Freeland, Thailand’s Department of Special Investigations (DSI) today announced the arrest of three people for running a human trafficking network that used Facebook and other social media sites to recruit, dupe and intimidate victims across Southeast Asian borders for over two years.


Beautiful Beast Turning a negative into a positive by subjecting it to light

Traveling into new and different worlds awakens the mind and heart. That’s what I felt this morning as I exited Addis Ababa airport after snoozing through most of my 9 hour Ethiopian Airlines flight from Bangkok. I hailed a taxi that had “jalopy” written all over it, and scanned the mosaic of hills that form this rugged, colorful city (Addis Ababa means “new flower”).


Rohingya Case Reveal Hope and Horrors on Thailand’s Counter-Trafficking Front

Members of an international criminal syndicate trafficking Rohingyas into Thailand and Malaysia were detected and caught through unprecedented cooperation among police and NGOs, as well as the effective use of telephone forensics technology.


Thai Police Free Burmese Teen Slaves

The arrest, raid and rescue were made in the southern city of Ranong, which borders Myanmar. Police who conducted the raid swooped in from outside the city. The targeted establishment may be connected to a wider human trafficking network that stretches along the Thai-Myanmar border. Victims have been taken into protective custody in Bangkok.