Protected-area Operational & Tactical Enforcement Conservation Training (PROTECT) is a comprehensive training package for defenders of protected areas which can be tailored to the specific needs of rangers, parks and protected areas, and governments. PROTECT is designed to dramatically improve the security of remaining forest reserves through enhanced patrolling and law enforcement training courses. The program also builds the capacity of agency leaders and instructors providing them with the tools to replicate training. Working in cooperation with governments, Freeland has trained more than 2,200 front-line protected area and wildlife law enforcement officials in Asia from over 40 agencies in 15 countries since the year 2000.


A comprehensive training package that includes presentations, handouts and manuals, PROTECT can be tailored to meet the needs of protected-area staff of all levels, from first-time rangers to park managers. These manuals, based on the ASEAN Center for Biodiversity’s competency standards, have been translated into several Southeast Asian languages and can be tailored to each country’s requirements. All the manuals have also been digitized and are often provided to participants via tablets.

For more information on PROTECT Training Courses

PROTECT Managers
Course provides protected area managers with best practices in administration and resource management, leadership, instruction methods, threat assessments and operational planning. The PROTECT Managers course has also a received ACE recommendation for college credit as part of Criminal Justice programs.

PROTECT Team Leaders Course
Teaches Patrol Commanders how to plan, implement and lead long range counter poaching patrolling, safely and confidently.
PROTECT Enforcement Ranger Course
Provides Rangers with the skills to safely and confidently patrol a protected area. Mock operations focus on first-aid, navigation, arrest methods and patrols.
PROTECT Border Course
Provides border-specific enforcement ranger training to officers tasked with enforcing the laws in the forest along international borders.
PROTECT Monitoring Course
Instructs patrol staff how to collect patrol and wildlife at in a standardized manner for inclusion in park-based monitoring databases used in adaptive management
PROTECT Marine Course
Focuses specifically on marine protected areas. Courses include patrolling and enforcement in coastal and riverine waters. The course also includes modules of navigation, patrolling, apprehension and smuggling detection techniques
PROTECT Special Response Team Course
An intensive, specialist course which combine each of the PROTECT course into one extended course. The course is designed to deliver the skills to conduct all marine and terrestrial enforcement operations to counter wildlife trafficking and poaching.

Latest PROTECT News

Participants at the 8th PROTECT Managers course conduct a simulated command post exercise

Training Course Strengthens Protection for Southeast Asia’s Most Iconic Species

  Some of Southeast Asia’s most pristine parks and iconic species will enjoy better protection after 21 rangers and police underwent an intensive, 16-Day PROTECT Managers Course in Thailand. Freeland conducted the course for participants from Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand, teaching them effective management skills for protected areas in the region, which are home to […]


Park Rangers Gain Skills and New Allies

ASEAN Rangers Empowered with Personal Connections to Parliamentarians and High-Level Managerial Training This week, 21 rangers from protected areas in Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia and Thailand graduated from a 16-day managers training course where they gained knowledge in command, leadership and management of enforcement operations that they can use to protect their country’s wildlife. They also […]


Thailand’s New Forest Ranger Unit to Step up Efforts to Combat ‘Bloodwood’ Poachers

A skilled, mobile, rapid response unit of rangers has been set up in response to the rampant poaching of Siamese rosewood (‘bloodwood’) in Thailand’s Eastern Forest Complex. A joint project by the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP) and Freeland, the new unit will step up protection efforts while increasing security for the rangers involved.


Freeland Announces PROTECT Managers Course for Counter-Poaching Recommended for College Credit by American Council on Education

The American Council on Education’s College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT®) has evaluated and recommended college credit for the Protected-area Operational & Tactical Enforcement Conservation Training (PROTECT) Managers Course.


Forest Ranger becomes Champion for Wildlife Conservation

Mr. Boonlert Sankhot is one such ranger working for Thailand’s Department of National Parks, Plant and Wildlife Conservation. He has been a forest ranger for more than 12 years. “I love the forest and nature” he says. “The work rangers do is for everyone because we all rely on the forest and need to live in a good and well-balanced natural environment. We work to keep the natural environment in balance.”


Meet Tik, one of Freeland’s champions assisting conservation in the vulnerable Eastern Forest Complex of Thailand

Working closely with the Superintendent of Thap Lan National Park, Tik’s role is unique. She works under Freeland’s Surviving Together program to help park staff manage a comprehensive database of the rangers’ patrols through the park.