iTHINK logoiTHINK is a global campaign support platform designed to encourage behavioral change resulting in a sharp reduction in the consumption of endangered species. The platform supports strategic regional efforts to reduce the demand for wildlife products and promote good wildlife governance; more law enforcement and less corruption.

The iTHINK Global Forum is collectively designed to inspire conservationists by showcasing their speciality in wildlife protection. iTHINK is also a resource for new conservationists, guiding them towards specific actions they can take or groups they can join to help expand awareness and reduce demand. Join other Free Thinkers. 

iTHINK Campaign

iTHINK is a public awareness campaign aimed to reduce wildlife consumption in Thailand, Vietnam and China. We ask these opinion leaders and celebrities to lend their voices to win the trust of the public and to persuade them to stop consumption of endangered species. The messages appeal to logic, common sense and the long-term perspective to alter consumption habits.

Become a Free Thinker

  • Researching before you act.
  • Distributing iTHINK PSAs to your friends, family and social networking contacts.
  • Advocating Online.
  • Writing a blog entry about your thoughts or experience with wildlife and send via the contact form at the bottom of the page so that we can post it on the iTHINK web forum for others to see.
  • Creating your own iTHINK PSA about what YOU think about why we need to protect.

Latest iTHINK News


Thai Celebrities join Global A-list Celebrities to Rally Public Support against Illegal Wildlife Trade on World Environment Day

Thai celebrities and wildlife advocates, Kong Saharat, Lotter Pattarapol, Noona Nuengthida, and Dr. Thon Thamrongnawasawat, joined A-list celebrities around the world to rally citizen support to end demand that is driving illegal trade in wildlife.


Opening Hearts and Minds- Behavior Change

We are talking about winning hearts and minds. In the world of wild animal conservation, the game is demand reduction and behavior change. Specifically: reducing commercial demand for wild animals that drives the poaching in the first place.


Thai Celebrities Launch Campaign to Protect Wildlife

iTHINK’s first set of campaign champions numbered nine in total – from government officials to news reporters and celebrities. Since then, the campaign has been promoted largely by media placement and related activities.