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Fin Free LogoMost people have no idea about the risks and impacts of consuming shark fin soup. It only takes a few minutes to learn the facts and inform friends, colleagues and family members.

The Fin Free Thailand campaign encourages hotels and restaurants to stop serving shark fin. It informs consumers of the serious health and environmental risks of eating shark fin, encouraging patronage of Fin Free establishments.

Part of the global Fin Free movement, Fin Free Thailand has been initiated by Freeland, Love Wildlife Foundation and Thailand, with support from other partners, including the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Unsustainable killing​

An estimated 100 million sharks are killed each year, mostly to meet the demand for shark fin soup. That’s over 1.9 million sharks killed every week! Shark fin restaurant owners in Bangkok’s Chinatown alone have claimed to be selling more than 20,000 bowls of shark fin soup per month.

Catastrophic decline

Globally, shark populations are in catastrophic decline and some populations of sharks (bull, dusky and smooth hammerheads) have experienced a 99% population decline since the 1950s. 1 in 3 species of open ocean sharks are now threatened with extinction. Sharks are slow to mature and reproduce, making population recovery difficult. As apex predators, sharks play an important part in maintaining the balance of healthy marine ecosystems that billions of people depend on for food.

Toxic legacy

Shark fin soup can be hazardous to your health. Sharks have the highest levels of concentrated mercury of any fish, posing serious health risks for consumers. Linked problems include: neurological disorders and cognitive dysfunction, central nervous system damage, infertility and fetal development problems.

Fin Free Playlist

Blue List = 100% shark fin free

We encourage you to support businesses making the healthy and sustainable choice to completely ban shark fin.

Fin Free Thailand offers support, such as sustainable menu advice, to hotels and restaurants willing to phase shark fin out completely within 12 months. If you represent a hotel or restaurant that is 100% shark fin free or willing to implement and feature on the Blue List, email

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Latest Fin Free News

Youth Ambassadors presented Blue List plaque to Villa Market for joining the Fin Free Thailand Family

Thai Supermarkets Ban Shark Products from Shelves

Three leading supermarket chains in Thailand have officially removed shark products from their shelves thanks to student appeals rom a local environmental campaign. The announcement came just ahead of Chinese New Year, a time common for shark product consumption, such as shark fin soup.


Fin Free Thailand Youth Ambassador Appeals to Hotels in Western Province Association

Thirteen year old, Phitchaya Thongthai, known to her friends as Inc, stood in front of more than 50 hotel representatives and made a strong case to stop serving shark fin soup in their hotels at an hoteliers event in Thailand’s resort town of Cha am.