Detection of Environmental Crime Training (DETECT) is a comprehensive capacity building program for wildlife crime investigators. DETECT incorporates training modules with on-the-job training and facilitates transnational and transcontinental collaboration between government agencies and regional Wildlife Enforcement Networks.

DETECT Courses

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On the Job Training (OJT)
Freeland trainers guide and mentor law enforcement through real wildlife crime investigations. Freeland has developed comprehensive training packages for DETECT , including presentations, handouts and manuals for training course. Participants receive digital copies of all material on Android tablets.
DETECT Investigations Course
Designed specially for government law enforcement investigators, the course guides participants through the major phases of an investigation.
DETECT Border Course
Designed especially for customs, port and border authorities. Courses are conducted in partnership with WCO, UNODC and government agencies.
DETECT Managers Course
A course for law enforcement investigations managers that also facilitates cross-border investigations. The course provides participants with an understanding of the leadership, management skills and information needed to organize complex, protracted and/or multi-jurisdictional investigations.
DETECT Wildlife Identification Course
Comprehensive species ID guides and WIildScan, a smartphone application, assist law enforcement investigators with animal identification and care of confiscated wildlife.
DETECT Forensics
Freeland is building capacity for ASEAN investigators and prosecutors to use forensic science. In partnership with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service Forensics Lab, Freeland facilitates training for forensics scientists specially for wildlife cases.

Latest DETECT News


International Training Targets Criminal Networks involved in Illegal Blood Wood (Rosewood) Trade

Law enforcement officers, forensic experts, prosecutors and anti-money laundering specialists from Southeast Asia, South Asia, China and the Americas are now better equipped to combat rosewood (Dalbergia) trafficking.


International Investigator Training Targets Wildlife Trafficking Hotspot

Law enforcement officers from Lao PDR and Thailand are now better equipped to stop wildlife trafficking after undergoing joint training at a major endangered species smuggling corridor.


Asia’s Regional Response to Endangered Species Trafficking (ARREST) Continues to Build Regional Law Enforcement Capacity

The fight against illegal wildlife trade in Asia took another step forward with the successful completion of an intense seven-day training course for government and law enforcement officers in Indonesia.