Wildlife Demand Reduction Efforts in China: What’s Working?


Upcoming Assessment Seminar to Explore Results



What: Behavior Change Seminar on Wildlife Consumption in China

Where: Beijing, The Great Wall Sheraton Hotel

Where: May 12-13, 2016

Why: Numerous wildlife consumption behavior change campaigns have been conducted in China over the past few years. It’s time to take stock of where time and financial resources are best spent.

Format: One and a half day seminar, includes presentations that focus on behavior change approaches, tools developed, and results to date; panel discussions on what is working and what is not, as well as recommendations for next steps and potential collaborations moving forward.

The Behavior Change Seminar on Wildlife Consumption in China is sponsored by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)-funded Asia’s Regional Response to Endangered Species Trafficking (ARREST) Program, and is open to all behavior change practitioners working on wildlife campaigns in China from the government and non-government sectors. Behavior change experts working on non-wildlife campaigns, as well as evaluation experts, will attend to observe and comment.