Boonchai Bach Arrest: Update. 

Boonchai Bach was released on bail. Freeland has learned he has been asked to return to court within a month.
Thai Police denied Boonchai’s bail request.  Then Boonchai’s lawyers took the defendant’s request to court and bail was granted by the judge.
This is, unfortunately, common because Thailand’s wildlife law remains weak.

Freeland and law enforcement officers working this case are discouraged, but not surprised.  This rare arrest of a suspected kingpin took a LOT of hard work. We are concerned about Boonchai’s flight risk.  Will he come back?

Freeland is not giving up.  You can help.  If you are Thai, please write to the local authorities to express your concern about Boonchai and the “Hydra” wildlife trafficking syndicate, and weak Thai law.  If you are not Thai, please write to your embassy in Thailand and express the same.  Thailand has a draft law to strengthen protection of wildlife.  Legal reform cannot happen fast enough. And suspected wildlife criminals should pay for their heinous acts.
Rest assured that Freeland and its partners are monitoring this case every hour and that we will do whatever it takes to help dismantle the syndicate, “Hydra” so that wildlife may be given the freedom and protection they deserve.  Please stay tuned for more.