Live Free

All living things on our planet deserve the right to live free without fear of exploitation. Human trafficking is often happening right around us, but it is not always visible. And you may not know it, but victim prevention and care is woefully inadequate in most parts of the world. Help vulnerable people live the ‘Free’ life they so deserve.

You can help address slavery.

  • Reporting suspicious activity that may resemble human trafficking below.
  • Helping others to live free by advocating for government action.
  • Teaching others about human trafficking.
  • Providing financial support to the Liberty Alliance of organizations that are preventing and investigating slavery and taking care of victims.

Human Trafficking Common Indicators

• Believe that they must work against their will unable to leave their work environment.
• Show signs that their movements are being controlled and feel that they cannot leave.
• Be subjected to violence or threats of violence against themselves or against loved ones.
• Not be in possession of their passports or identity documents, as those documents are being held by someone else.
• Have had their transport to destination paid for by facilitators, whom they must payback by working or providing services in the destination.
• Be threatened with being handed over to the authorities, afraid of revealing their immigration status and distrustful of the authorities.
• Work excessively long hours over long periods, not have any days off, received little or no payment or have no access to their earnings.
• Live in poor or substandard accommodations with no access to medical care.
• Have limited contact with their families or with people outside of their immediate environment and are unable to communicate freely with others.
• Be under the perception that they are bonded by debt and have acted on the basis of false promise.
• Allow others to speak for them when addressed directly, act as if someone else instructed them.

Report Human Trafficking

To submit a tip anonymously please call +662-254-8321

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