Free Thinker

Changing consumer behavior through effective awareness is a critical part of the solution to making the world free of wildlife trafficking and human slavery. You can help reduce people’s demand for endangered species, or convince people to look where and how a product is made before buying it, ensuring it was not the result of slave labor.

Behavior change is best achieved by building social pressure on and around the consumer.

Here is where you can help

Studies show that the most effective communication channels to consumers (and potential consumers) are through close friends, family and social networking. Change begins when the consumer realizes that people close to him or her actually care. Get the conversation started about wildlife or human trafficking among your contacts and watch the change begin!

Be a Free Thinker. YOU can help change behavior and protect wildlife and people by:

  • Researching before you act.
  • Distributing iTHINK PSAs to your friends, family and social networking contacts.
  • Advocating Online
  • Writing a blog entry about your thoughts or experience with wildlife and send via the contact form at the bottom of the page so that we can post it on the iTHINK web forum for others to see.
  • Creating your own iTHINK PSA about what YOU think about why we need to protect.

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