Freeland Manuals


These manual have been designed as a general standard for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Wildlife Enforcement Network (ASEAN-WEN) and have now been translated to be used in Africa. More information on Detection of Environmental Crime Training (DETECT) and Protected-area Operational & Tactical Enforcement Conservation Training (PROTECT).


How to Register to Access the PROTECT and DETECT Manuals

To download the full version of the PROTECT and DETECT Manual you are required to request a password from the site administrator. Only authorized Government Officers either enrolled in training or a member of ASEAN-WEN can apply.  Once a check has been done the administrator via WorldPress will issue you a user name and password to your e-mail account. You will then be able to access all the latest PROTECT and DETECT manuals. Once the password is issued you can then log into the website and access the manuals under Student Portal / Resources

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WildScan and Wildlife Friendly Skies

For more information on WildScan and Wildlife Friendly Skies.

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ASEAN Handbook on Legal Cooperation to Combat Wildlife Crime

For more information on strengthening law and policy.