Wildlife Crime Investigation Training


The DETect Environmental Crime Training is a professional level training, enabling government investigators and their managers to comprehensively investigate and prosecute a wildlife offence, leading to a higher probability of conviction. DETECT courses lead to Special Investigation Groups (SIG) or operations meetings between government investigators.

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International wildlife criminal syndicates are organised and motivated by huge profit margins. The enforcement response to them needs to be equally professional and thorough. While national laws are different in each country, the basics of a good investigation – one which creates a strong case and leads to conviction – remain the same. The DETECT system includes the following courses:

DETECT – Investigation:  designed for investigators from Police, Forest and Customs departments.

DETECT – Managers: designed for senior officers, enabling them to manage complex investigations against international syndicates.

DETECT courses lead to Special Investigation Group events which operationalise the lessons learnt. SIGs are organised to focus on high risk species and bring together investigators from Asia, Africa and America to work on cases against international wildlife smuggling syndicates.


Freeland India has successfully incorporated DETECT modules into comprehensive anti-poaching and investigation training course at Satpura Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh. Additionally, officers from Nepal and India have attended and significantly contributed to operations meetings and SIGs held in Southeast Asia.