Anti-Poaching Training


The PRotected-area Operational and Tactical Enforcement Conservation Training (PROTECT) is a comprehensive programme, which  trains officers and staff to safely and effectively carry out anti-poaching activities.

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The PROTECT system covers the following courses:

  • PROTECT – Enforcement(for Forest Guard up to Range Officer): Ensures competency in the knowledge required to safely and confidently patrol and protect habitat in a forest environment.
  • PROTECT – Team Leader(for Forest Guard up to ACF):  Gives junior management personnel the skills to properly command and manage an enforcement patrol team.
  • PROTECT – Manager(for ACF, DFO, Field Director): Trains protected area enforcement managers to be able to design, plan, implement, and analyze effective intelligence led operational and tactical patrolling and law enforcement operations.

These courses are mentally and physically demanding! A typical day starts at 0600 and may go on till late at night. Morning classroom sessions are followed by intensive field exercises. Modules include remote first aid, navigation, patrol drills, hostile takedowns and vehicle check points. Realistic crime scenarios include role-players as violators, and senior officers are taken through a Command Post Exercise (CPX).


Freeland India has successfully implemented a PROTECT-DETECT Training Course at Satpura Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh, India. Previously, officers from Bhutan, India and Nepal have participated in PROTECT courses in Southeast Asia, bringing their own unique perspectives to the training events while absorbing new practices.


FI is now expanding the PROTECT courses to South Asia.