About Freeland India

The Organisation

Freeland India is an independently registered environmental consultancy which provides networking and capacity building support to law enforcement agencies in South Asia working on wildlife crime.


In South Asia we:

  • Conduct training on wildlife crime investigations and anti-poaching activities
  • Offer legal advice and trouble-shooting seminars to enforcement personnel
  • Facilitate transfer of information between government agencies on important wildlife cases
  • Ensure transfer of best practices via facilitating South Asian officers’ participation in ASEAN-WEN training courses
  • Maintaining a collation of open-source information on wildlife trafficking cases


The Team


Onkuri Majumdar is the Managing Director of Freeland India. She has over ten years’ experience in designing and implementing training courses for enforcement officials and facilitates enforcement related networking between wildlife agencies in South and Southeast Asia

Onkuri was selected as a worldwide Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leader and has been featured in the National Geographic series Crimes Against Nature. In 2015, she was selected as a National Geographic Emerging Explorer for her work on anti wildlife trafficking.





Talish Ray is a consultant with Freeland India. The managing partner of a law firm she focuses on trainings conducted  on wildlife laws.  Her substantive court experience lends her the edge for the work done by Freeland.






Col-Dhawan_Feb-2016Vijay Kumar Dhawan is a Training Consultant with Freeland India. After retiring as a colonel from the Indian Army, Col. Dhawan is highly sought-after for leadership training events for corporates.

While continuing with his corporate contacts, Col. Dhawan is partnering with Freeland India to implement training courses.





DSC_5407-e1472538457743Kartika Rana is a Project Manager with Freeland India. She has studied Geography and Environment from Delhi University and is actively involved in socio-ecological conservation research. Presently, she is assisting in the development and implementation of wildlife-friendly projects of Freeland India.