Swipe right to save rare species


Can you tell a Red-eared Slider from a Hamilton’s Turtle? How about a Bengal Slow Loris from a Javan one? Or a critically endangered Bali Myna bird from the White-bellied Myna, found in abundance throughout Indonesia?

If the answer is no, fear not. You are not alone. With thousands of different species (and sub-species!) of birds, small mammals, reptiles and more, distinguishing them can be challenging; particularly when some are protected from trade, and others not.

The solution to this complex issue is in your pocket. Already available for Android devices, the groundbreaking wildlife identification app, WildScan, has recently expanded and can now be downloaded straight to your Apple iPhone.

Available in English, Thai and Vietnamese, this user-friendly tool helps you identify more than 350 endangered species commonly traded illegally across Southeast Asia. Freeland is currently expanding the app to Cambodia, Indonesia and Malaysia, and will release a version in Africa later in the year.

WildScan has already been downloaded over 1,300 times, and while in high demand by frontline law enforcement officers throughout Southeast Asia, the app is also an effective tool for locals and tourists who want to play their part in identifying endangered species in trade, and reporting wildlife crime to relevant authorities.

Whether you’re at the Denpasar bird market in Bali, Chatuchak in Bangkok or Tung Choi Street in Hong Kong, you can contribute to the enforcement of laws designed to protect our planet’s precious, and diverse, wildlife. It’s a quick and easy way to do your bit in the fight against endangered species trafficking.