Rhino Horn Awareness Events Gain Momentum and Support in Vietnam



Attendees enjoy interactive activities at the rhino horn awareness event in Hanoi. Photo: Freeland

On November 2, more than 200 people attended an event aimed at raising awareness of rhino poaching, reducing demand for rhino horn, and encouraging the public to report rhino horn crimes. The outdoor event was held in Cau Giay park in Hanoi, Vietnam – one of the largest markets for rhino horn globally – and was organized by Education for Nature Vietnam. Exhibitions, films and talks showcased the alarming realities of rhino poaching in South Africa, and activities included rhino origami, poster coloring, and a traditional South African dance. Attendees included Vietnamese citizens, delegates from Hanoi’s U.S. Embassy, and eight young Rhino Ambassadors from South Africa and the United States. The event also generated considerable attention for the Operation Game Change WildFest film festival, which kept the positive momentum going and helped change attitudes towards rhino horn consumption in the country. WildFest has helped to expand and compliment ongoing U.S. government supported efforts in Vietnam, such as the USAID-funded ARREST aimed at reducing the demand for wildlife products.